Modeling and Building a Robotic Sea Slug

Over the past two year Jennifer Kokkines has been being advised by Rhanor Gillette, modeling Pleurobranchaea in both software and recently transitioning over to robotics. I’ve helped out quite a bit, as I have experience both in programming and robotics, and thought it would be fun to write about! You may be asking yourself, why the hell would […]

Crayon Syntax Highlighter was Killing my WordPress

Over the past few hours I have investigated how to speed up my webpages, specifically the code related posts (on WordPress). Several of my posts were taking 5 – 10+ seconds to load, and it was causing users to decide to leave my pages before they even loaded… After some digging, I made an interesting find. […]

That Dress is White and Gold!

Let me debunk that dress debate that’s been going around. It is gold and white… well, depending on what image you view. In all honesty, the majority of the images I have seen contain blue and yellow (why has no one mentioned this?). Before you get all defensive, read ahead, it isn’t your fault and I’ll […]