How to Log Into Keybase with AJAX

To be honest, few things have caused me more frustration the past month than trying to work with the Keybase API (although it is still in beta). What’s Keybase you ask? Essentially, it is a centralized hub where you can store a “public key” (used to encrypt messages) or if a user desires store a “private […]

You are given a deck containing n cards

From time to time, it’s good to sharpen ones skills by doing a puzzle or two. Personally, I enjoy reviewing interview questions. They provide me with both experience with interview questions, and often fun subtle tricks. The problem I found today was probably one of my favorites[1]: You are given a deck containing n cards. […]

An Essay on Wealth and Freedom

Historically, the “wealthy” in society were always land owners. Rental income provided enough wealth that the owners need not work, and in turn they became members of the elite of the country. Capable of running administrations, splurging on the best, taking hunting excursions, and historically the only ones capable of influencing government (i.e. vote).  Fast […]