The Song I Cannot Remember

The other night, my wife and I were debating whether or not someone who committed a crime decades earlier should be allowed to go free if they’ve been good citizens for the other decades. My wifes position, was no – they should be punished. My argument was that if prison was about rehabilition, then we […]

Is Search Solved?

Search was revolutionized by Google. Before Google, we had Yahoo, AltaVista, AskJeeves¬†/, and more (full history here) – most used indexing, clustering etc. to produce search results. Searches were slow, inaccurate, queries weren’t parsed very well, etc. Then Google came along using¬†PageRank, and stole the whole market. PageRank, was then copied industry wide, but […]

Startup School Review

I enjoy examining experiences months after the fact. I find it provides further insights, as I can see the outcome(s) of my actions. What I have to say, is my experience participating in Y Combinators Startup School 2017 was definitely a note worthy and eye opening experience. It was worth my time and yours, if […]