University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Grade Distributions

Have you ever wondered what course and professor to take? I’m pretty sure we all have. Unfortunately, has subjective ratings for each professor and Koofers is often out of date and provides minimum insight. What you may not know, is that you can submit a FOIA request the grade distribution for every course, professor, GPA, for the past […]

Announcing Easy A

When Edward Snowden, released a plethora of documents relating to government spying I was appalled. Largely because, I didn’t know. It shocked me that a secret that big, and known by thousands took years to get out, and no one informed me. My first reaction was, “lets DDoS the government with FOIA requests,” it was a joke […]

Modeling and Building a Robotic Sea Slug

Over the past two year Jennifer Kokkines has been being advised by Rhanor Gillette, modeling Pleurobranchaea in both software and recently transitioning over to robotics. I’ve helped out quite a bit, as I have experience both in programming and robotics, and thought it would be fun to write about! You may be asking yourself, why the hell would […]