Don’t be a fool, FOIA your school

I have always been a classical liberal at heart, in the sense I enjoy liberty. I kept up with the Snowden leaks, I watched how my congressman voted and publicly called him out on the way he voted, and so on. However, when I first saw United States of Secrets published by PBS, it blew me […]

Building a Blog: Month One — April 15 to May 15, 2014

This past month I have done a fair amount of blogging, posting at least one post a day. Most of them have been educational focusing particularly at my coursework: Systems Programming, Numerical Analysis, and my OpenBKZ project (which was also a project for my class, two birds one stone and all). I also had several […]

Learning Through Blogging

Over the past month I have ran something of an experiment. I have always been about optimizing pretty much everything. I keep data on how much money I spend, when I go to sleep, my associated exam scores, how many calories I intake, and so on. I am a data guy, this is the main […]