Increasing Battery Life on an Arch Linux Laptop (ThinkPad T14s)

This week I received the latest 14in laptop from Lenovo, the T14s (AMD gen1). Below are some of the tweaks / setup I’ve done on my machine (and generally all my laptops) which typically increase the battery life (with no noticeable reduction in performance). The specs are as follows (Lenovo Thinkpad T14s): CPU – 8 […]

On Committing Suicide

Those that know me, know that I am both bold and resolute. I stand by my thoughts / comments, yet I attempt to keep an open mind, analyze a situation, self-reflect on any biases, and integrate feedback. I even go so far as to analyze my confidence level, see With that in mind. I […]

Round 2 of Lock-downs Imminent

Unfortunately, we’re at the precipice of another lock-down in the United States, particularly for southern United States. This seemed like an obvious way it would go after all the states opened quickly, there were protests & riots. All the current states appear to have opened sooner and mostly have a lot of heat. Arguably the […]