The Dead Vote in Michigan

Currently (8am Nov 5, 2020), it’s possible to view voter information for the state of Michigan, United States. It’s also possible to view the dead voting. I’ve been able to do this since the night of Nov 4, 2020 I’m not sure how long this has been available. Try it yourself: First Name: Donna […]

US & COVID19, Winter is Coming

In August, I made the prediction that it’s likely we’ll see 250,000 dead officially by October 14 and the unofficially death count closer to 500,000 to 800,000 from COVID-19. According to official data, my prediction was inaccurate, being closer to the lower bound of my simulation(s). The CDC currently (October 28, 2020) are now 226,000. […]

Firearms by The Numbers

Firearms (guns) are one of the hot button issues in the United States and globally. I’m sure it is understandable why — pull the trigger and something dies. Killing is the primary purpose of a firearm. Naturally, this leads many to be fearful of firearms, but should people be fearful? When I started writing this, […]