U.S. & COVID19 – Less Tests, More Deaths, No End in Sight

In June, I made the prediction that it’s likely we’ll see hundreds of thousands dead by July from COVID-19. According to official data, my prediction was not entirely accurate, being closer to the lower bound of my simulation(s) (a hundred thousand). Today, we have more information about the virus and importantly improved data on death […]

Talk to Yourself

If you were born mid-90’s or earlier, you probably remember being bored. We used to talk to ourselves, play “make believe”, taking walks, listening to records, etc. We learned to entertain ourselves, imagine, and create. Today, my children and children born into the age of the virtual world have not experienced boredom, at least not […]

Configure SSH on an Arch Linux Server

Setting up Secure Shell (SSH) on a server is a somewhat daunting task. Configure SSH and the firewalls incorrectly and the machine will be left defenseless to malicious bots and individuals. Here, we will try to layout a basic setup, which will render the machine reasonably secure (baring any other changes) and enable SSH access. […]