An Essay on Wealth and Freedom

Historically, the “wealthy” in society were always land owners. Rental income provided enough wealth that the owners need not work, and in turn they became members of the elite of the country. Capable of running administrations, splurging on the best, taking hunting excursions, and historically the only ones capable of influencing government (i.e. vote).¬† Fast […]

Married, Graduated, Moved!

The last month has been¬†quite an adventure! A lot has happened, and I would like to share it with you. I got married! (May 13, 2015)   I graduated! (May 17, 2015)   Drove Across the Country! (May 19, 2015 – May 23, 2015)   And Moved to California! (May 23, 2015) I am sure […]

ChromaTags: An Accurate, Robust, and Fast Visual Fiducial System

Though one of the major goals of computer vision is automatic recognition and understanding of natural features, for many applications this level of sophistication is unnecessary and could even be detrimental (due to errors or lack of speed). In applications where an perception is less important, such as virtual/augmented reality systems, or swarm robotics, localization […]