How I Made Over 100% YoY Profit Investing

Alright — so the title is a bit bold. It may seem like click bait, but it’s true. I wanted to share it to drive discussion / engagement around my product(s) and I’m saying that upfront so you can read this article through that lens. Here’s an example of a suggested trade on March 21, […]

Neural Networks to Production, From an Engineer

Deep learning is a pretty hot topic. Unfortunately, the vast majority of engineers and data scientists don’t have practical experience. However, you’re in luck! I wrote a guide on solving a problem from start to finish using neural networks, the same way I would approach and solve the problem. Who am I, you ask? I’m […]

Hyperparameter Tuning for Sentence Classification

This is the eighth and final article in an eight part series on a practical guide to using neural networks applied to real world problems. Specifically, this is a problem we faced at Metacortex. We needed our bots to understand when a question, statement, or command sent to our bot(s). The goal being to query […]