COVID-19 vs The Economy

As someone with asthma, when I had pneumonia in January 2020 it was fairly serious. I was home from work for two weeks, with a 105 fever and aches I couldn’t focus or work. The pneumonia was caused by Influenza B and I have to say, it is not something I wish to experience again. […]

Parsing USPTO Patents to Create a Massive Free Labeled Dataset

Arguably one of my favorite (and best) labeled text datasets are patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Every patent is freely available with labeled images, abstract, claims, a long description, authors, dates, classification labels, etc. Data in the provided format can be used for a lot of natural language processing (NLP) […]

Predictions for 2030

As a decade comes to a close (2010’s) it seems a good time to reflect and also predict what will come in the next ten years. Below are a set of my predictions for then. I enjoy tracking my predictions and accuracy (even keeping an account on By tracking predictions it’s possible to see […]