Lessons Learned FOIA Requesting Over One Hundred Universities

Ever wonder what it would be like to request the grade distributions for every semester, course, and professor at a major university? No? Luckily, you won’t have to. Over the last month, my wife Jennifer and I decided we wanted to get the grade distribution for every university we could using a FOIA requests (template form here)!  We […]

Don’t be a fool, FOIA your school

I have always been a classical liberal at heart, in the sense I enjoy liberty. I kept up with the Snowden leaks, I watched how my congressman voted and publicly called him out on the way he voted, and so on. However, when I first saw United States of Secrets published by PBS, it blew me […]

How to Log Into Keybase with AJAX

To be honest, few things have caused me more frustration the past month than trying to work with the Keybase API (although it is still in beta). What’s Keybase you ask? Essentially, it is a centralized hub where you can store a “public key” (used to encrypt messages) or if a user desires store a “private […]