Active Record Subqueries using Rails and PostgreSQL

This article, briefly covers the idea of using the Active Record in Ruby on Rails with to create a subqueries to improve searches of a PostgreSQL database. An example where a subquery in SQL could be useful is: We have a table called comments which has three columns: author, comment_text, and created_at. The goal is […]

Roles in an Organization

Officially, my job title is a Software Engineer. What is your official job title? Does your job title define what you do? I highly doubt it. A function provided to the organization is a role. A collection of roles make up job families / titles. This distinction is the primary difficulty in job searching, promoting […]

Dutch Oven Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is perhaps one of my favorite foods. Crispy, spicy, juicy all at the same time. I suspect many of you also enjoy fried chicken — well you’re in luck! This article is about how I make my delicious buttermilk dutch oven fried chicken. Why Dutch Oven Fried Chicken? Obviously, because it’s delicious! What […]