Don’t be a fool, FOIA your school

I have always been a classical liberal at heart, in the sense I enjoy liberty. I kept up with the Snowden leaks, I watched how my congressman voted and publicly called him out on the way he voted, and so on. However, when I first saw United States of Secrets published by PBS, it blew me […]

BasicBookReader – Alpha Version 0.2 Released!

You may ask, what happened to Alpha version 0.1? Well, version 0.1 was more or less prior to  statistics being added, now we have an in-app statistics display (Woot!). Full Description and Webpage Github Repository OSX Download: BBR (.zip) There are many interesting statistics I have added and there will be more improvements coming soon. I […]

BasicBookReader to AlphaBKZ – Business Model 1.0

I have been experimenting with a way to improve my Ebook reader in order to monetize it to pay for servers and allow users to purchase books. My solution is simple enough, I intend to create another Ebook reader which will be free to download, but you must pay a subscription fee for access to […]