BasicBookReader – Target Audience

I have been thinking the last couple of days of a target audience for the BasicBookReader. I have come to believe that the perfect target audience would be teachers/students. I could build a library of free novels, poems, and essays and the teachers would be able to examine exactly how often their students read, what […]

My EEG and me

I have recently purchased a headset from Emotiv (the EEG) and intend to use it to change the world. One of the most interesting points regarding the Emotiv EEG and EPOC lines are that they are fairly wide spread (meaning a large number of people have them). Because there are a large number of individuals […]


I recent went to the UIUC’s chapter of ACM open house and I noticed they had several SIGs (special interest groups) that I found interesting. The key that I found interesting were SigArt (a SIG for A.I.), SigSoft (for software projects), and SigBot (a SIG for robot building). What I noticed though, was that there […]