Lessons Learned FOIA Requesting Over One Hundred Universities

Ever wonder what it would be like to request the grade distributions for every semester, course, and professor at a major university? No? Luckily, you won’t have to. Over the last month, my wife Jennifer and I decided we wanted to get the grade distribution for every university we could using a FOIA requests (template form here)!  We […]

The Opportunity Cost of War

Today, it is fairly common to turn on the news, read a book, listen to a lecture in history and for the speaker to discuss the cost of a war. Quantifying the cost is usually done in dollars, assessed by how much money was actually spent or how many lives were lost. The victor and […]

Technical Interviews Today and Tomorrow

I would define interviewing as follows: The process of identifying the individuals who can achieve greatness. Great companies need to select employees capable of achieving greatness on their own. Then, and only then, can a company be used as a catalyst to achieve that greatness to benefit both the company and the individual. Remember, employees are selling their […]