Mike Lindell and Konnech Election Systems

In August 2021, I wrote an article titled: Mike Lindell and China Hacking American Elections. This article is an update and in my opinion validates Lidnell’s claims. Let me start off with the back story, Mike Lindell was hosting a symposium supposedly showing how the U.S. elections were hacked. I thoroughly went through the claims […]

Mike Lindell and China Hacking American Elections

For those just tuning in, Mike Lindell, the “Pillow Guy” is claiming that Biden is illegitimate. Specifically, that China hacked into the election systems and claims he can prove it. On August 10th through 12th 2021 he is hosting a “Cyber Symposium” to evaluate said data and holding a hackathon, of sorts, where anyone who […]

COVID19 Delta Variant to Become Dominant Strain … Lockdowns?

In January 2020 it was clear something was coming. China was shutting down cities, Chinese citizens I knew were buying all the n95’s they could find and sending them home. Today, in June 2021 we all know about COVID-19. What’s interesting now is that there is the COVID-19 Delta variant (B.1.617.2) quickly spreading and the […]