Technical Interviews Today and Tomorrow

I would define interviewing as follows: The process of identifying the individuals who can achieve greatness. Great companies need to select employees capable of achieving greatness on their own. Then, and only then, can a company be used as a catalyst to achieve that greatness to benefit both the company and the individual. Remember, employees are selling their […]

The Lawn Mowing Optimization Problem

Back Story Starting in high school I spent my weekends in the summer mowing lawns (and various other yard work) to make money. Often it was family members yards, they were willing to hire me for a fraction of a professional and were happy to send money my way. At one point I was mowing […]

New Peterbald Kitten – MewMeetWorld

My girlfriend Jenny and I finally received our twelve week old Peterbald kitten (a completely naked cat) today from Sleekats Cattery, it seemed to be very healthy and energetic! We are ecstatic, and hope to too help it grow strong and healthy as it can be. Cost-Benefit Analysis The total cost with shipping was about […]