On Committing Suicide

Those that know me, know that I am both bold and resolute. I stand by my thoughts / comments, yet I attempt to keep an open mind, analyze a situation, self-reflect on any biases, and integrate feedback. I even go so far as to analyze my confidence level, see predictionbook.com. With that in mind. I […]

Round 2 of Lock-downs Imminent

Unfortunately, we’re at the precipice of another lock-down in the United States, particularly for southern United States. This seemed like an obvious way it would go after all the states opened quickly, there were protests & riots. All the current states appear to have opened sooner and mostly have a lot of heat. Arguably the […]

Prepare for Round 2 of Lockdown

It’s been about 10 days since the nation wide protests over a gruesome death (May 29, 2020). Originally, I predicted another lock-down in August. However, how with how large the protests are and how quickly states are open… <insert shaking head>. It’s quite possible we see a massive increase in cases much sooner. Probably around […]