Easy A: Alpha to Beta

In two previous posts, I discussed the old Easy A website (Easy A alpha) and collecting FOIA requests from many of the largest universities. In this post, I plan to share with you: The website traffic (increase) over the past month How FOIA requested information is added How the grade prediction features work How historic […]

Lessons Learned FOIA Requesting Over One Hundred Universities

Ever wonder what it would be like to request the grade distributions for every semester, course, and professor at a major university? No? Luckily, you won’t have to. Over the last month, my wife Jennifer and I decided we wanted to get the grade distribution for every university we could using a FOIA requests (template form here)!  We […]

Building a Kickstarter: What I Learned

It has often been said, that filling out a Y Combinator application is an excellent way to gain perspective about your startup, regardless of making it to interviews. Although I wouldn’t argue with that, I’m here to inform you that building a Kickstarter has (at least for us) helped far more. To put this in perspective, we have […]