Building a PC: Start to Finish

Building a custom computer from parts to operating system can be a fair amount of work, but highly rewarding. It enables the computer to be built much better for the price, and in turn you can get much better performance. Previous Build About four years ago, I decided to build a customized PC (my previous build). Not specifically […]

The Opportunity Cost of War

Today, it is fairly common to turn on the news, read a book, listen to a lecture in history and for the speaker to discuss the cost of a war. Quantifying the cost is usually done in dollars, assessed by how much money was actually spent or how many lives were lost. The victor and […]

OpenBKZ – alpha v0.4.6 – Released!

It’s been a while since I released a new version of OpenBKZ, and I think it is about time. Oh, and I made a logo! Unfortunately, as many of you know I haven’t been able to work on OpenBKZ as much as I would like recently. However, as the semester (of my senior year!) of […]