Roles in an Organization

Officially, my job title is a Software Engineer. What is your official job title? Does your job title define what you do? I highly doubt it. A function provided to the organization is a role. A collection of roles make up job families / titles. This distinction is the primary difficulty in job searching, promoting […]

Backtesting Our 100% YoY Profit Generating Strategy

This is a follow-up of the How I Made Over 100% YoY Profit Investing article, since I felt it was prudent to add some additional details. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – Carl Sagan Specifically, this article is on the backtesting results of the rudimentary (but still effective) algorithm currently on Although back-testing has […]

The Pay Scale

One topic that is interesting to nearly everyone is – money. We need money to live and to prosper. If we don’t have any money, things go south quickly. This post is about the way we obtain money, primarily the scale at which we obtain money. This is often referred to as the pay scale […]