Tiny Handcuffs

When you read “tiny hand cuffs” you may be thinking about small, tight, steel wrapping your wrist. The truth is, I wanted to give the impression of tiny hands cuffing a wrist. The term┬áTiny Handcuffs is a play on the phrase Golden Handcuffs: [Which] refers to financial allurements and benefits that have the objective to […]

Obtaining Loyal Customers with a Sub-Par Product

Building a startup from scratch is hard work. Particularly, when you’re a solo founder, such as myself. You simply have limited time. There is a constant, balancing act between where to focus: customer engagement, product management, engineering, design, etc. For me, the order is: Customers Product management Engineering Without customers you can’t develop the product […]

Roles in an Organization

Officially, my job title is a Software Engineer. What is your official job title? Does your job title define what you do? I highly doubt it. A function provided to the organization is a role. A collection of roles make up job families / titles. This distinction is the primary difficulty in job searching, promoting […]