ProtonMail CSS Theme

Recently, I switched to ProtonMail as my email provider (they enable encrypted emails) and one of the neat features of ProtonMail is that you access the CSS to setup your own theme. Obviously, I couldn’t help myself! So, I wrote a little CSS to improve my experience and provide this guide as an introduciton. I […]

Neural Networks to Production, From an Engineer

Deep learning is a pretty hot topic. Unfortunately, the vast majority of engineers and data scientists don’t have practical experience. However, you’re in luck! I wrote a guide on solving a problem from start to finish using neural networks, the same way I would approach and solve the problem. Who am I, you ask? I’m […]

The Last Free Generation

My son Atlas is just over nine months old. He’s just started crawling, eating solids, and getting close to saying words. One thing that’s been troubling me, is that he probably won’t have liberty (freedom) in his lifetime. Liberty requires a few things: Freedom of Self-Determination Freedom to Defend Self-Determination Freedom of Speech Freedom of […]