How to create a product demo video for your landing page

Making a product demo on your landing page can lead to significant conversions. Unfortunately, this can be challenging as the demo has to be quick to load (i.e. small) and robust to the various browsers. In this post I’ll cover some of what I did to create the landing page for (which, you guessed […]

Active Record Subqueries using Rails and PostgreSQL

This article, briefly covers the idea of using the Active Record in Ruby on Rails with to create a subqueries to improve searches of a PostgreSQL database. An example where a subquery in SQL could be useful is: We have a table called comments which has three columns: author, comment_text, and created_at. The goal is […]

Dutch Oven Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is perhaps one of my favorite foods. Crispy, spicy, juicy all at the same time. I suspect many of you also enjoy fried chicken — well you’re in luck! This article is about how I make my delicious buttermilk dutch oven fried chicken. Why Dutch Oven Fried Chicken? Obviously, because it’s delicious! What […]