COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths being Coded as COVID-19

Cutting straight to the point —

In a pre-print paper from researchers from Queen Mary, University of London among others Analysis of COVID-19 vaccine death reports from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) Database Interim Results and Analysis (VAERSInterimResults2.0ReleaseDraft.pdf). In the pre-release paper, the team reviews 250 randomly selected deaths from the UK VAERS database.

In the paper, quite a bit is discussed, but they really buried the lead… According to their findings:

  • 72% of the VAERS reports were authored by health service employees (page 16)
  • all 250 people in this interim collection were reported as COVID-19 death (page 11)
  • for 12 recipients (5%) we are expressly told that one or more negative COVID-19 PCR test results were returned in the hours or days prior to the vaccine recipient’s death (page 11)

Figure 6 from the paper indicates most of the deaths are from the elderly, of course those are who mostly obtained the vaccine. So it’s quite possible the deaths per age distribution may be inaccurate.

Finally, In figure 7, it’s clear that there are nearly 10x the number of deaths being reported as normal. It’s quite possible that may even change over time, as we do not know how long it can take to enter a VAERs report AND how long the risks remain from the vaccines.

Implications of This Paper

It needs to be emphasized that this is a pre-print paper. However, it appears to be mostly an analysis of publicly available documentation. That is to say, it’s easily verifiable and the authors appear credentialed. With that in mind, I’d take this paper at face value and recognize the potential risks.

It appears that this vaccine is more dangerous than prior vaccines. Further, it appears that vaccine related deaths are being labeled as COVID-19 deaths. This insight is important, as it’s quite possible those are the “spikes” we see in the death rates.

That being said, on a personal level, the risks of COVID19 may be higher (for you) than the risk of taking the experimental vaccine, so speak to your doctor.

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