Dutch Oven Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is perhaps one of my favorite foods. Crispy, spicy, juicy all at the same time. I suspect many of you also enjoy fried chicken — well you’re in luck! This article is about how I make my delicious buttermilk dutch oven fried chicken. Why Dutch Oven Fried Chicken? Obviously, because it’s delicious! What […]

Backtesting Our 100% YoY Profit Generating Strategy

This is a follow-up of the How I Made Over 100% YoY Profit Investing article, since I felt it was prudent to add some additional details. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – Carl Sagan Specifically, this article is on the backtesting results of the rudimentary (but still effective) algorithm currently on ProjectPiglet.com. Although back-testing has […]

How I Made Over 100% YoY Profit Investing

Alright — so the title is a bit bold. It may seem like click bait, but it’s true. I wanted to share it to drive discussion / engagement around my product(s) and I’m saying that upfront so you can read this article through that lens. Here’s an example of a suggested trade on March 21, […]