Don’t be a fool, FOIA your school

I have always been a classical liberal at heart, in the sense I enjoy liberty. I kept up with the Snowden leaks, I watched how my congressman voted and publicly called him out on the way he voted, and so on. However, when I first saw United States of Secrets¬†published by PBS, it blew me […]

How to Log Into Keybase with AJAX

To be honest, few things have caused me more frustration the past month than trying to work with the Keybase API¬†(although it is still in beta). What’s Keybase you ask? Essentially, it is a centralized hub where you can store a “public key” (used to encrypt messages) or if a user desires store a “private […]

You are given a deck containing n cards

From time to time, it’s good to sharpen ones skills by doing a puzzle or two. Personally, I enjoy reviewing interview questions. They provide me with both experience with interview questions, and often fun subtle tricks. The problem I found today was probably one of my favorites[1]: You are given a deck containing n cards. […]