I have many ideas and topics I would like to cover in my blog, however I am looking for feedback from my readers. If there are features you would like to have added (such as a “voting option” for each page), a topic you are interested in that you would like me to cover, or really anything you can think of.

Please take five minutes and provide me with any feedback you can think of, I would like to give my readers the best information, subject matter, and experience I can give.

To make a suggestion just enter a comment below.

Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. This seems silly, but the text looks weird when it’s centered in the middle of the page, to me! Perhaps it would look more professional justified to the left? =)

  2. I agree with Amber that the text should be aligned to the left. Center alignment on the entire website makes it look like a party invitation or something. Also, the font size is way too big, personally I usually go for 10pt.

    I don’t really understand the layout at all, the way every page only has half of one paragraph with a “read more” link to access the rest of the article. It ends up making your website look like clickbait, like you’re trying to squeeze out as many site views as you can. It also makes it look like your website is brand new with no content until we look at the archive page to realize there’s a lot more. Ideally, the index page should give readers an idea of what to expect on the site to make them want to read more, and in my opinion, clicking “older posts” shouldn’t lead to yet another page with half a paragraph with another link to click. This just seems like an awful lot of unnecessary clicking just to try and read your content. I’m trying, and unfortunately it’s irritating to do all this clicking instead of just being able to scroll through a single page or just clicking the occasional “read more” link. If you want to stick to the current way of having a snippet with a “read more” link, I recommend a grid layout on the index page, or a list with at least five snippets.

    The last suggestion I have for the moment is to include a message thanking people for subscribing through email notifications, I’ve input my address and clicked Subscribe but nothing actually happened, so I’m unclear if I successfully subscribed.

    1. Thank you for the input. I have been testing different layouts (usually called A/B testing), this layout is very nice on mobile. However, I am going to look into changing that up, as well as aligning to the left. Thank you for the suggestions!

      As for the email, it broke sometime the last few days and I will fix it shortly, again thank you for the suggestions.

      1. I like this current layout much better. I’m all for minimal, but the previous layout was just a little too plain. If you don’t stick with this one, I vote for similar ones. Simple with one sidebar along with the navigation up top looks best in my opinion.

        1. Thanks, this was my old layout. I decided added a new ability to change layouts based on desktop vs mobile web browsing (i.e. if you visit the site on your phone you should get a different layout), Since this layout is awful on a phone.

          Thanks for the input!

  3. Hey! I joined your challenge at HabitRPG and read the articles you have in the blog. I noticed you have interest in the psychology and I know something about that area, indeed I would like to suggest about a topic to talk about, but I don’t really know if this is the correct place to talk about it.

    Anyways, I’ve already subscribed and I am willing to see more from the blog!

    P.S – Actually the topic I want to suggest has to do with the article you posted about free will, but with a little different perspective 😉

    1. Hello Manuel,

      I’m more than willing to hear about your idea. If you feel uncomfortable commenting about the topic you can can email it to me, also if you would like to write an article yourself I’m more than willing to have you guest blog (assuming the article is of reasonable quality).

      1. Hi!

        Sorry for the delay, I had some pending work to solve 😛 I have no problem to talk about it here, actually, I did investigate a little bit more about that topic this weekend. Although it’s not really a science and can be considered as something more religious, even when the author ot the topic has declared it has nothing to do with religion. That’s why I haven’t made an article on the guste blog yet.

        Anyways the topic is Metagenealogy and Psychomagic. Talks about the decisions we take, problems, illness, etc… The theory says problems come from our unconscious and solving them requires an act, not merely words as Freud would have said.

        It’s an interesting topic and I’d like to write an article about it, but as I told, it may not be really considered a science (tho it has cured some people “magically” 😛 ).

        1. It does sound a bit off for this blog, but it also seems as though could use science to solves such questions.

          1. Well I did read the articles about axiety, decision taking, I.Q; etc and thought it could be a similar topic 😛

            I also know something about filmmaking and philosophy since I study these fields, but they are really “off-the-field”.

  4. Hi, I also joined your challenge at HabitRPG. I read some articles and I thought it would be really interesting if you could somehow link psychology and science in future articles. Also, if you could just add a word or two under each article link in the archives about what type of article readers should expect, it would be really nice.

  5. Hi I came across your blog through the posting of your RPG quest, and after reading many of your articles I have a suggestion. As you seem to be interested in tracking productivity and habits, how about reviewing and services that are supposed to track various aspects of productivity on iOS? There are so many have a trackers list makers and other productivity apps on the App Store, it is almost impossible to tell the awesome from mediocre. The issue to me, is finding one to use that does not require so much time inputting information that you are less productive due to spending so much time tracking your productivity…. (I am dmckim on HabitRPG, by the way). I have read many articles on lifehacker, and found even those they recommended, take so much time fiddling with I did not feel very productive, any suggestions, thoughts or head to head comparisons of different software applications would be an awesome addition to your blog, as I believe you can’t improve something if you don’t know where you stand. The tools needed to improve these different areas need to be easy enough to use without becoming themselves a hurdle to productivity. (Sorry, my thought process tends to be a bit scattered some days…)

  6. Hi Austin! I’m a newbie at HabitRPG (“Artichoke”) and just signed up for your challenge. It’s impressive how you’re using HabitRPG to foment conversation around the topics on your mind and to seek out feedback on how you blog. The mix of topics you have chosen really interest me, since I’m trying to learn more about programming, I do research about higher education, and I love statistics.

    Like a commenter above, I’d like to see your take on productivity tracking (via HabitRPG, different apps, personal algorithms, or whatever else). I’ve heard productivity tracking is one of the perennials that lots of programmers try their hand at making, because people are rarely satisfied with what’s out there, and yet the systems they make are often either not very polished or are way too specific to their own needs.

  7. Hi! I found your blog through your Habit RPG challenge and it has been very interesting. I especially enjoyed your article on the downfalls of the education system and agree wholeheartedly. That’s only one small part of the ridiculousness of the education system. You only briefly touched upon it, but maybe you could go into more detail in another post about how schools aren’t teaching kids, rather they are teaching kids to memorize facts instead of getting people excited about learning. Also, you used to publish much more frequently and now it has become rare, once a month occurrences. I would love to see you post more frequently because I enjoy your articles and writing style.

  8. Also, is the addition check really necessary? If people are reading your articles, I’m pretty sure they are capable of answering a small math equation.

  9. Hi Austin,

    I too found your site through the HabitRPG challenge (“kipjib”).

    I would love to see your thoughts surrounding the mainstream media consumption that appears to keep the majority in a perpetual stupor with the bombardment of attention grabbing pointlessness causing such a lethargy of disinterest in the external world.

    I know it’s rather irrelevant to self development to those who have no interest in mainstream media, but it could prove handy to have a conversation tool that could be used to help those whom are.

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