Firearms by The Numbers

Firearms (guns) are one of the hot button issues in the United States and globally. I’m sure it is understandable why — pull the trigger and something dies. Killing is the primary purpose of a firearm. Naturally, this leads many to be fearful of firearms, but should people be fearful? When I started writing this, […]

Talk to Yourself

If you were born mid-90’s or earlier, you probably remember being bored. We used to talk to ourselves, play “make believe”, taking walks, listening to records, etc. We learned to entertain ourselves, imagine, and create. Today, my children and children born into the age of the virtual world have not experienced boredom, at least not […]

On Committing Suicide

Those that know me, know that I am both bold and resolute. I stand by my thoughts / comments, yet I attempt to keep an open mind, analyze a situation, self-reflect on any biases, and integrate feedback. I even go so far as to analyze my confidence level, see With that in mind. I […]