US & COVID19, Winter is Coming

In August, I made the prediction that it’s likely we’ll see 250,000 dead officially by October 14 and the unofficially death count closer to 500,000 to 800,000 from COVID-19. According to official data, my prediction was inaccurate, being closer to the lower bound of my simulation(s). The CDC currently (October 28, 2020) are now 226,000. […]

Firearms by The Numbers

Firearms (guns) are one of the hot button issues in the United States and globally. I’m sure it is understandable why — pull the trigger and something dies. Killing is the primary purpose of a firearm. Naturally, this leads many to be fearful of firearms, but should people be fearful? When I started writing this, […]

Round 2 of Lock-downs Imminent

Unfortunately, we’re at the precipice of another lock-down in the United States, particularly for southern United States. This seemed like an obvious way it would go after all the states opened quickly, there were protests & riots. All the current states appear to have opened sooner and mostly have a lot of heat. Arguably the […]