End of Internship

About a week ago I ended my internship with AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions and started a new job at Jimmy Johns as a driver (essentially I deliver sandwiches). It was a good internship and I learned a lot! I am hopeful that next summer will bring a new internship where I can learn more, but the highlights from this internships are as follows:

  • I learned how to set up a backup tape drive.
  • I learned the basics of networking windows machines.
  • I learned how phones work inside of an office (networking the phones was interesting).
  • I learned what was most and least important in an office setting (in regards to IT).
  • I now understand how servers, phones, computers, and the internet all integrate for a business.
  • I understand more on how a typewriter functions (*Yes, a typewriter).

What I would like to move on and learn is more in lines with programming and dealing more in depth with the actual circuitry. Most of what I did this internship was find out how to avoid and fix compatibility issues and I would much rather design a program to not have any. It drove me absolutely nuts that we were required to use 1990’s software on a 2011 machine.


Anyways over all it was a good experience and I hope to gain more in the future.

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