Interesting Turn of Phrase

The essence of Objectivisim is this:

A reasonable man will accept anything,

A man with reason will question everything.

I find it interesting that when we talk about a “reasonable man” it is entirely different from a “man with reason” in this regard. A reasonable man in our society wont ask many questions, gets along well with others, and almost always is considered an agreeable person. On the other hand a man of reason, such as a philosopher or scientist (of some nature) will usually have an innate sense of curiosity and question everything anyone tells them, looking for the truth. These “men of reason” would almost always be considered unreasonable, and often non-agreeable, blaming it on having “big egos” or just trying to be pragmatic. Rather than being a “reasonable man” most of society labels them, ego manics or something along those lines.

Just a curious turn of phrase, that have opposite meanings (to society at least).

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