Physics Class Overload

I am currently taking the equivalent of physics 202 (engineering physics for electricity and magnetism) as well as introduction to quantum physics for engineers (physics 203 at JJC). Both had first assignments due and I feel I did pretty well, although I know a failed my first quiz in physics 202 (in 203 I think I had some of the most complete homework… not that that matters much).

What is really troubling is that I said I would make physics 202 an honors credit, but I already feel like my brain is going to explode and my time is stretched to the max. I have only been up fifteen minutes after seven hours of sleep. I could cut that down, but I need my mind as sharp as it can be. I have three hours before I have to leave for class and have less than half of the homework done, the lab (due in two days) unstarted, and a “video of a problem” not even complete without a video. I hope to have it all done by friday, even though today is completely taken up with calculus three and physics.

Well just trying to work this all out in my head, figured I would post it up here and put it all down while I am working it out.

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