Today I am launching the remotiv project, it will both by my CS 242 final project as well as my side project for at least the next few months.

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Following with the intent of, I will be posting a large portion of my data that I obtain from my Emotiv EEG on the site. One of the projects I am beginning this week is remotiv. It is unlikely I will be able to give very much attention to the project until the end of the month, but here is the idea:

Although Emotiv devices are not nearly as good as a typical EEG machines used, and give less accurate results, there are thousands of them. That means potentially there are thousands of participants that could be willing participants in a study. Even if the data is less accurate and more noisy, having thousands of participants could still provide reliable statistical information.

Knowing this, I would like to achieve 4 goals for this project:

  1. Create an easy to use and intuitive interface that syncs with the Emotiv device.
  2. Enable the users to send their EEG data to a central location. In this case it will be an AWS instance or a server I set up somewhere.
  3. Create a software suit that can be used to perform analysis on the given data.
  4. Once goals 1 – 3 are achieved, I would like to expand the project to include devices other than Emotiv (such as openBCI).

Completing the goals above will enable a distributed network of neuro-hobbyists to obtain a large enough data set to potentially contribute to research. Further, even if the data is not accurate enough to draw direct conclusions, it will provide valuable insight into building applications for EEGs (since they seem to be becoming cheaper and easier to use).

The current plan is to complete the goals above by early June 2014, possibly launch a kickstarter, and the first use of the remotiv will be used in an attempt to provide insight to the question “what makes a good book?” This question is very difficult to answer quantitatively and would also provide insight into how we learn, or at least what we enjoy learning.

Updates coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Remotiv

  1. Were there ever any updates on this? Not sure where to look for them =) It’s confusing which articles are filed under “Personal” and which are “At Random,” and I think there is some overlap.

    1. I have been working on it, but I kept it secret. Turns out there was enough interest in it to make money…

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