University of Illinois

It has been bothering me recently, how the University of Illinois requires so long to respond to my application vs Purdue and UIC… Yes, yes they are one of the top ten schools in the nation (by many standards) and 4th or 5th of the program I wish to go into (Computer Science). However, it creates difficulties in setting up an apartment, requesting loans, and organizing my life. For example, currently I am unable to do anything to prepare myself for going away to college because I do not know if I will be attending Purdue or U of I in the fall. The issue I have with this is my girlfriend may be torn away into another direction (U of I) and I cannot really plan to obtain an apartment with her when I do not know if I am attending Purdue, so she is stuck as well.


Perhaps I am just one of those people who wish everything to be organized, but this is pretty ridiculous.

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