BasicBookReader – Additional Features

I have been reviewing several different applications and had several individuals try out the BasicBookReader and have come up with the following features which would be important to add. Thank you specifically to, Robb, Jenny, and a few random strangers.

Planned Features

  • File Formats – Additional filetypes EPub, PDF, and HTML. This is the most important improvement (high priority).
  • Table of Contents( suggestion – Enabling table of contents on every book could be a challenge, however it would greatly improve ones ability to quickly switch between positions, and in turn ease of use (high priority).
  • Fast Dictionary Lookup( suggestion – Being able to click and instantly load the definition of a word would be ideal, either in a pop up window in a side window (high priority).
  • Completed April 14, 2014 Notes – I would like people to be able to save highlights, notes, or at least save particular pages of interest out to a text file (medium priority). 
  • Multi-display – I would like to enable multiple windows. One window would have the Ebook, one which will change display from table of contents, dictionary, and potentially notes (low priority).

To combat feature creep, and a cluttered UI I will attempt to keep the number of possible buttons to less than 8. This will basically keep the UI no more cluttered than it is now, keeping UI stupid friendly and easy to use.

2 thoughts on “BasicBookReader – Additional Features

  1. Thank you for being in tune with simplicity. I love computers but have a really hard time with any other electronic that has a screen. Which reminds me – is your e-book reader going to be to be touch-screen? (On an unrelated note…I hate using touch screens!)

    1. Haha I intend to make it for the iPhone/iPad as well as Android, but also a desktop version. If I could get funding I would base one off android, but would work similar to the original kindle.

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