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My girlfriend Jenny and I finally received our twelve week old Peterbald kitten (a completely naked cat) today from Sleekats Cattery, it seemed to be very healthy and energetic! We are ecstatic, and hope to too help it grow strong and healthy as it can be.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The total cost with shipping was about $1,500 plus about $225 supplies, totaling $1,725. Having only 14 hours with the kitten it seems to be an amazing kitten and breed. They are very warm to the touch and are exceptionally active compared to most cats, although they do seem to be more work. I’m pretty sure this cat is worth the cost, the only downside being I am allergic to it (or so it seems). It is not nearly bad enough for me to worry about the cat, apparently you can bath this cat fairly often and it should wear clothing. Further, without hair it does not set off my asthma or anything, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

As for the cost, I am hoping to recoup those losses by simply posting cute youtube videos daily. Assuming I can attract some followers and receive ~$1 per 1,000 views I will need about 1.725 million views across all videos over the next few years. Further, if we manage 300 videos the first year we would need only 5,750 views per video to obtain that level of viewership. 

Given that a Peterbald is a rare breed of cat, and my kitten is very perky, friendly and cute it should be relatively easy to obtain those numbers. Though in all likely-hood there will be just a couple of really popular videos which will get a hundred thousand views plus and will obtain the views we need.

Mew Meet World

Given I am mildly allergic to the cat I have already set up a youtube channel and twitter for my girlfriend to post videos and photos on. In the future, if this takes off, I may even create a blog. It is relatively difficult to find information regarding Peterbalds and it would be useful to have all of the information in one place, with a nice web interface.

Anyways, I am really excited to have a kitten and have enjoyed spending all day with her (sorry for not technical post(s) today).

3 thoughts on “New Peterbald Kitten – MewMeetWorld

  1. Nothin’ warms the heart more than a cost-benefit analysis of a kitten.

    Some video ideas:

    There’s a video of a cat playing jenga that is going viral right now. You could probably teach it to play jenga or at least edit a video together that makes it look like it can play monopoly or something.
    Peterbald goes for a walk. Then post an affiliate link to the cat leash in the Youtube description.
    Cat taste test: put out different food and see what it prefers.
    Planet Earth style voiceovers of the cat hiding in a box or chasing a laser pointer or whatever. Affiliate link to the laser pointer in the description.
    How to get your cat into a sweater, how to cut your cat’s nails, etc.
    If you go on and type in peterbald, it will give you a bunch of keywords that people search for. You can do the same thing with Google’s keyword tool.
    Cat facts: Jenny holds the cat Dr. Evil style and tells the audience facts about cats.
    Also target “hairless cats” because I’m pretty sure most people don’t know what a peterbald is.

  2. That feather cat toy you have in the video = the best! We saw it while watching “My Cat From Hell.” My cats jump on the shelf and drag it down so they can play with it by themselves. So glad you can buy feather replacements! Cats are the best. I’m glad you were able to find one that doesn’t hurt your allergies. -Amber Fernandez, HabitRPG

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