BasicBookReader Evolves to OpenBKZ

BasicBookReader is a decent name for an Ebook reader, however I have decided to change the name to OpenBKZ. I feel it is a much more enticing name, it has some wittiness to it, there is an open source aspect to the name, and it is shorter (which is usually better).

That being said, OpenBKZ – Alpha v0.3 is being released today. There are some exciting new features I would like to share with you and hope you enjoy the video!

To contribute or download: OpenBKZ

New Features

  • In-App Statistics – Improved the time-per-page, pages-per-month, ratings, dates, etc.
  • Highlight Notes – highlight a quote add/or add your own notes in <title>.notes.
  • Images – Searches each page for <img src=”title of image”> and adds the image to the page.
  • Font Size – The font size can now range from 4 – 64 by moving the slide bar.

Upcoming Features

  • EPUB – The EPUB file format will be viewable in the application hopefully by late May.
  • User Accounts – You may select a user account, name, possibly even password.
  • Fix Highlighting Notes w/ image – Currently, if a page has an image it makes the notes inaccurate.
  • Online Backup – This will require money so it is a bit off yet, but I hope to have online backups.
  • Downloadable Books – If I have online backups, may as well have online downloads.


In order to implement the above I had to change the QTextBrowser to QGraphicsView, this allows for greater control over what/how something is viewed. It also enabled full screen viewing with a larger font. I am also toying with the idea of possibly adding videos since it is trivial to implement in QGraphicsView.

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