New Website, New Look

I recently purchased a .io domain for It cost me $50, which was pretty good considering every other place I looked had a .io domain costing $100+ and I am even considering buying additional domains from them. Their website is called

Now that I have payed the homage I feel was due, I would like to share my new website with you: Simple to remember, not exactly what I wanted:, but good none the less. I decided I would also create a new email [email protected], doing so allowed me to (1) decrease the size of my resume and contact info on my information cards i.e. | [email protected], (2) it was easier to remember than aw@

Why I felt I needed a new url and website. This has turned into somewhat of a blog, I post what I feel/see/some programs/thoughts, but only part of it is related to my professional life. Therefore, will be completely dedicated to my professional life. I will link my page to this blog, but my resume and what not will be kept at

The new look, I am proud to say the new look is amazing!

The main reason I decided to make a new website was because I wanted my employer to understand that I like clean, organized, and effective websites (hopefully giving them an appropriate reflection of me!).

Anyways, I just wanted to direct any new visitors to my new more professional webpage:


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