The Dead Vote in Michigan

Currently (8am Nov 5, 2020), it’s possible to view voter information for the state of Michigan, United States. It’s also possible to view the dead voting. I’ve been able to do this since the night of Nov 4, 2020 I’m not sure how long this has been available.

Try it yourself:

First Name: Donna
Last Name: Brydges
Birth Month: January
Birth Year: 1901
Zip Code: 49431

Donna Brydges voter status is “Active” (at 119 years old).

I found this information. A friend of mine shared with me this tweet.

Personally, this looks like a false flag operation. The twitter(s) associated with sharing the story appear to be bots (to my eyes), but honestly… that doesn’t matter. Clearly, on the governments website you can access this information.

You can try the following as well:

First Name: William
Last Name: Bradley
Birth Month: March
Birth Year: 1902
Zipcode: 48207

Note this voter status was challenged, but still submitted a ballot.

Given the number of votes, it’s not at all clear how many of these existing. I suspect there are two options for why these exist in the database:

  1. Testing the voting application
  2. Database was hacked and enough of these were added to seed doubt
  3. People mailed in these ballots to seed doubt
  4. Employees / Vote counters added fake votes

If I had to bet, I’d say the database was hacked and mail in fake mail in ballots were added. I also think it’s quite likely that this is a foreign entity trying to make it look like they are helping the president.

It doesn’t matter.

The voting system needs to be inspected and the vote count needs to be manually done. Clearly our digital system(s) are not safe.

List of Names (Discovered)

  1. Robert Brock, January 1900, 48203
  2. June Aiken, August 1900, 49201
  3. Terry Mathis January 1900, 48207
  4. Donna Brydges January 1901, 49431
  5. William Bradley, March 1902, 48207

2 thoughts on “The Dead Vote in Michigan

    1. Sure, let’s roll with this for a second. If we assume that 100% of those mail in ballots had wrong birth dates, that’s still a problem. For a drivers license or any form of ID a birth date is necessary. Where are they getting peoples addresses from? Are those valid, if we know their date of birth is inaccurate, I think we should confirm that. I strongly suspect validation is not occurring properly if there’s no birth date verification.

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